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Why call a Geek? When you can call a Nerd!
Our qualified Nerds have the FAQ for you. If it plugs in or its a gadget, we can fix it.

On site computer repair in your home or office!
We come to you!

Are you having any of these problems:

Iphone screen cracked / button broke
Pop-up ads that don't go away
Your computer shuts down unexpectedly
Your DVD is blinking 12:00 all the time
Laptop screen cracked / broke
Your Wireless network not connecting..
Harddrive crashed / Data recovery
Your Xbox 360 has RROD | PS3 YLOD
Have a shinny new remote, but don't know how it works
Your computer is gettting slower everyday
Your computer has made your life less-fun
You have electronics in your home and you aren't sure what they do
Your home theater works...sort of.........